Welcome to The Rainmakers Roundtable
Your Route To RESULTS

If you’re in it to win…then continue, otherwise don’t waste precious time.
You are here, your committed and you are willing to take ACTION. You want to see RESULTS.

Let me get straight to the point….

The days of “it’s enough just to be a great lawyer” are really over. The days of “doing what everyone else is doing” are long  gone. Typically, most lawyers went straight from  law school  to a firm. They were in that privileged position where they didn’t have to focus on where the money and clients were coming from. Not anymore.

Welcome to the  new order… this is good news?

YES. Simple…you now have the power to take charge of your  legal career/practice and create it the way that you want it.  You create your rules So If this is YOU.

  • tired of spinning wheels, doing the same expecting different results
  •  wasting time re-inventing the wheel
  • tired, frustrated and feeling not in control of your practice/business 

Read on….

So where do you start?

Rainmaking Warriors:  An online/offline 8 month program  will arm you with the skill set and mastery to become a Rainmaker Warrior  in 8 months. For attorneys who READY to  bring in at least 10K a month.  Coming January 2015.

The Power Hour: This is an intensive, jam-packed power hour consultation  aimed at those who want  solutions to immediate challenges.

VIP Business Intensive Day: For lawyers, who want a concise customized business-development plan to propel them to the fast track and transform their practice within 90 days.  The Intensive includes 90 days of weekly  accountability calls. This is for those who want 1 on 1 support and want to be held accountable to realize their vision for their business.

Public Relations:   This is your platform to stand out as expert in an overcrowded marketplace.

If we’re going to be working together, I think it’s best for you to know what to expect from me and what I’d expect from you.

My favorite  clients are  high-achieving lawyers who are READY to grow a strong and sustainable practice, those who are willing to go beyond  their comfort zone, and who are committed to getting desired results by doing the necessary work. You want results? Right?

I treat our work as collaborative. A team effort that only succeeds when met with equal effort by both parties.

No victim mentality. Absolute yes to venting but let’s get over it and get into action mode.  You want results? Right?

I also love smart, intelligent people who aren’t afraid to speak their mind and have a great sense of humor. (What can I say I have a  dry sense of humor) My  clients take a “no excuses” approach to their professional and personal lives. They want the finer things in life and have the option to contribute and make a difference in the communities and societies they live in.

I expect clients to be 100% engaged, after all, you are in it to win it.