Welcome to The Rainmakers Roundtable
Your Route To Success

The days of “it’s enough just to be a great lawyer” are long gone. Welcome to the new order. You now have the power to take charge of your legal practice and create the career you want.  If you are:

  • tired of spinning wheels, doing the same expecting different results
  • wasting time re-inventing the wheel
  • frustrated and feeling not in control of your practice/business 

 Where do you start?

Three Keys To RainmakingReduce months of hesitations and false starts, learn how to stand out in the marketplace without all the overwhelm.

The Power Hour: This is an intensive, jam-packed power hour consultation  aimed at those who want  solutions to immediate challenges.

VIP Business Intensive Day: For lawyers, who want a concise customized business-development plan to propel them to the fast track and transform their practice within 90 days.  The Intensive includes 90 days of weekly  accountability calls. This is for those who want 1 on 1 support and want to be held accountable to realize their vision for their business.

Public Relations: This is your platform to stand out as expert in an overcrowded marketplace.

Contact us for a no-fee consultation to determine which product or service is the right fit for you or your firm.