Welcome to The Rainmakers Roundtable
Your Route To Success

Have you ever wondered…
What the secret of being a rainmaker is?
Who rainmakers learn from?
Why rainmakers are ALWAYS pursued by the competition?

The Rainmakers Roundtable provides business consulting and training services for professionals who have the technical skills and credentials but need to KNOW how to generate business consistently. You’ve reached a fork  in the road; the decision has been made and you’re ready to work SMARTER, not HARDER, to get into the express lane and achieve breakthrough growth. 

So where do you start?

Rainmaking Warriors:  An online program for professionals who are stuck in the trenches and need  to empower themselves in their professional lives. This program will arm you  with the skill set and mastery to become a Rainmaker Warrior.  Coming January 2015.

The Power Hour: This is an intensive, jam-packed power hour consultation  aimed at those who want  solutions to immediate challenges.

Business Intensive Day: For business owners who want customized business-development plans to propel them to the fast track while reducing risk. During the in-person, private sessions, clients have MANY light-bulb moments that not only clarify what next actions to take but clients learn how to close and become RAINMAKERS faster.

Public Relations:  For those who are serious about becoming movers and shakers and are fully committed to doing what it takes. This is your platform to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.

Rainmakers DEFINE success differently. They are willing to do what it takes to turn their dreams into reality.